TOP Instagram promotion tools


Numerous tools available on the market may help with a wide variety of Instagram daily tasks, from the targeted search for potential subscribers to increasing opportunities for engagement and statistics collecting. 


We've compiled a list of the top ten Instagram marketing tools for managing and promoting your social media account.

There are definitely specific steps that you can take in order to cut through the competition. So if you are looking to promote your business, this article may be very useful.

Combin Scheduler

The app for producing Instagram delayed posts that are 100% free and has no additional charges. Combin Scheduler allows you to compose Instagram posts and stories and schedule them to publish later. The solution is appropriate for normal Instagram users and marketers who manage up to 15 profiles simultaneously. So this service can be considered one of the greatest Instagram marketing tools.

The built-in calendar provides a feed of scheduled posts for different periods. You can see how deferred posts would look on Instagram in the calendar - their position and publishing date may be adjusted with a simple drag and drop.

The ability to set up post templates eliminates the issue of similar duplicate postings (about promotions, discounts, and contests). The user can reserve the first comment under each intended post, add additional information, or hide the hashtag cloud.

Combin Scheduler allows you to schedule and modifies the link in the account header simultaneously as you publish a post or story. You can also plan your story reposts for later. Simply copy the link to the post and select a time; the initial content and image will be duplicated immediately.

4K Stogram Mass Media Download

Software for saving photos and videos from the Instagram profile, hashtags, and locations. 4K Stogram can serve as an ad-free Instagram feed parser, an anonymous storytelling software, or an Instagram content downloader.

The user creates subscriptions within the service to download posts from specific Instagram users, places, or hashtags. Stogram not only downloads all existing articles after getting a 4K membership but also checks for fresh posts.

Instagram photos and videos downloads in their original resolution and excellent quality. Subscriptions to publications are maintained in the metadata of downloaded files, allowing you to make high-quality reposts of Instagram user-generated material and fully archive intriguing articles. It is possible to download stories, recent articles (highlights), images, and videos in one, several, or even all groups at once.

An authorized 4K Stogram user can back up the content of an entire account (his or any other public profile) in two clicks, download articles and stories from all Instagram subscriptions, sign up to download his compilations of saved posts to Instagram, and also download posts from friends' private profiles.

Photo Editing with Canva and Facetune

Publishing services allow bloggers and company owners to keep their brand style and appearance consistent. One of the most popular marketing tools for Instagram is Canva.

Canva allows you to edit images, make graphics, and draw labels and covers. The application can be used by everyone to simply make stunning photographs for creating Instagram and other social media accounts.

To make a set of icons for pinned Instagram stories, a banner for a current event, or even an infographic, simply select a template, design components, a suitable theme, and text. Over 8000 templates are available in the free collection of ready-made designs.

Canva is excellent for small business owners looking to save money on artist services and huge company teamwork on projects.


Facetune is a popular picture editor that is available for iOS and Android. The utility offers a common set of image processing tools (color correction, filters, effects). Facetune became recognized as "mobile Photoshop" due to its numerous image-altering features.

The service is perfect for working with portrait photographs. After selecting a photo for editing, the user can soften the surface and balance the model's skin color, adjust the shape, whiten teeth, adjust the color of the hair and eyes, apply makeup, and highlight the desired characteristics or objects. These tools will help you enhance images taken for advertising purposes and make a great selfie for a brand or a private Instagram page.

Rosebud AI

Rosebud's innovative approach to media creation will appeal to online store managers, marketers, and content creators. Because of machine learning and creative approaches, the company believes that in the future, all pictures and movies will be formed at the speed of thinking. Rosebud AI, a photo customization service, can help speed up your brand's visuals.

Rosebud AI provides:

  • A huge database of AI modules.
  • Network-generated images of people.
  • A kit of photo editing tools.

Users may also add their images. The Rosebud AI, which looks like the Sims player editor, allows you to customize facial elements, expressions, hairstyles, and age.

This service was made to save money on photo shoots and the photo market and prevent pictures of competitors' stock models. Furthermore, Rosebud AI-created photographs can be shared not just on Instagram or other social media networks but also on a blog or an advertising campaign.

Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a free hashtag search engine that assists you in finding the most relevant keywords for your Instagram stories.

It is essential to add one or more hashtags linked to the photo to be published, and the system will pick 30 suitable hashtags. Display Purposes shows trending keywords in popular categories while filtering out blacklisted and spam hashtags. It is simply important to choose the most appropriate tags from the supplied list (manually or in automatic mode).

Besides analyzing the general popularity of specific hashtags, the platform allows you to check which tags are used more frequently than others in a specific location, city, or even area. To do so, go to the Map page and zoom in on the desired area on the map.

The user can retrieve a list of associated tags for any specific word in the Graph section. Each hashtag in the service's hashtag list is clickable, and when you click on it, a new list of suitable tags appears. These features will assist in the creation of unique hashtag ideas.


You can track audience behavior on Instagram and other social media with the Chotam service.

Service maintains track of comments and categorizes them as either primary or secondary based on the priority of the response. Also, it recognizes and filters out "blank" messages containing emojis or interjections. Every user receives the notification of new comments via email or Telegram.

Chotam provides activity alerts from Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, and VKontakte. You may track many accounts at the same time, including your rivals.

The current Instagram marketing software will assist owners and managers of popular profiles and active communities. The algorithm will instantly filter out dozens of useless actions, while not a single query or nasty comment will not be left unanswered.


In the Instagram account header, only one clickable link is available. TapLink - a tool for integrating several links to various sites and applications into one multi-link - comes in handy for business profiles to add additional channels for communication and info about their products.

The information on the website that the multi-link leads are unique to every user. This might be a microlending page with a product line, a page with links to other initiatives, or a business card with access to messaging apps, brand profiles on social media, and other personal details.

TapLink allows you to build a multi-link and create a business card, add a slideshow of images, establish a payment form, and even construct a true online marketplace - all from a single link. The user may monitor and click analytics, adjust the website design (profile image, wallpaper, blocks, color palette), add photographs, videos, and items, and accept requests and payments.

Account promotion - Combin Growth

The Combin Growth tool will assist you in finding your target audience on Instagram, increasing the number of followers, likes, and reposts, and managing your engagement on Instagram.

The service has multiple features for searching and locating potential followers on Instagram.

Scanning for relevant posts and Instagram accounts use keywords, regions, and an engaged audience of rivals. Gender, geography, the number of subscriptions and subscribers, and other aspects might be considered during the search. Combin Growth uses AI to discover and remove spam accounts, celebrity profiles, and possibly uninterested people.

You can use this Instagram marketing tool to establish mass looking, mass following, likes, and comments to keep you engaged on Instagram and draw the attention of new accounts. Frequent actions can be automated to save time and effort on other activities related to profile promotion. Combin Growth allows you to link up to 15 Instagram profiles at once and allows you to use the free version indefinitely.


Picalytics will assist you in determining how efficiently you are advertising your Instagram account and evaluating the activity of your potential customers. After collecting and analyzing detailed information about your account, you can quickly revise the content strategy and marketing tactics, increasing your productivity. Picalytics stays on the list of the best Instagram marketing tools.

The current platform provides comprehensive monitoring options allowing you to obtain over 36 parameters for any Instagram account, including your own and rival. The software enables in-depth research of rivals' profiles and the collection of crucial data regarding target audience interaction and Instagram publishing approach.

So, these are the best AI social media tools, and as you can see, there are some universal services since everyone has different needs. If you are undecided about which tool to choose, most of these platforms offer free trials, so we highly recommend checking them out and researching which platform suits your needs best. Keep in mind that you will also need to study your analytics to receive a promotional progress report.

Sometimes Instagram's built-in features are just not enough for experienced users who want to get as much as possible from using the social media account.

Rest assured, one of these tools for Instagram marketing will help you improve your Instagram account.