Boyfriend likes other girls – what to do?


Women see psychologists for a reason of: my man likes pictures of girls he's not acquainted with. Any girl will be jealous if her boyfriend likes somebody else. 


Husband likes other girls – what to do?

Women see psychologists for the reason of: my man likes photos of girls he is not acquainted with. For a show, he can say, “I just like it, it’s no big deal!” A woman can already mistake it for treason or flirting. Any girl will be jealous if her boyfriend likes somebody else. 

Can such behavior on the part of a man really be considered a reason for jealousy? How to feel about and what to do if your husband likes other girls? Let's have a closer look at a problem in the article.

Flirtation – what is it?

Flirtation is a type of courtship that shows some kind of possibility or expectation of a sexual relationship. Flirting, the man behaves in such a way as to attract the attention of the woman he likes. One of the traits that distinguishes masculine from feminine is straightforwardness. The male act is always caused by a certain reason. When he begins to flirt, it means he has a certain goal, tries to achieve a result. There is a very fine line between male and female good communication and flirtation. According to some analysts and psychologists the phrase “You are beautiful today” is already flirtation. And what, then, isn't flirtation if a bromide that indicates a pleasant appearance is flirtation? 

When people discuss professional things, it cannot be flirtation. For example, if your man writes to another girl, “Hello, what’s this product item, can you tell me please?”, or “I’d like to order sweats?” “Text me your husband's contact number” is a common conversation with a girl you know, but do not forget that such communication can easily become the beginning of flirtation. If you want to trace your husband's calls, then follow the article link, where we have collected the best legal methods.

Ordinary life flirtation rules

If the husband likes other girls it doesn’t mean he flirts. Of course, flirtation is constantly around any man or woman. In everyday communication, there is a simple flirting condition – anything that relates to the person or to the female body – is exactly flirtation. 

For example, your man and you go to a restaurant, and he asks the hostess if there is a table available, or the waitress how much is the lamb – this is not flirtation because the topic of communication is professional. And if you suddenly notice that the man winks or smiles at the girl who is sitting at the next table, then this is flirtation. If you do not know how to check your husband's loyalty, then go to the article by link, there we have collected information on that subject.

Online flirtation rules

If you think that your husband likes other girls, then for example, if the man has visited a social network page of an online store and has liked a girl picture which is in this store, this is not flirtation. But if the boyfriend has liked the picture in girl’s personal profile, this is flirtation. 

Those criteria that occur in everyday life do not apply to flirtation on the Internet. Also, when you have a friendship as families or as couples, and your man likes a photo of a girl, it does not count for flirting, it is considered as a sign of respect. 

Communication on professional subjects or with common acquaintances does not relate to flirtation, but everything else bespeaks the opposite. That is, if a man likes a strange girl picture or has commented on it, he wants to indicate that she appeals to him. You don't know how to correspond with a guy so that he continues to communicate not only “online,” but also in real life? In social networks you can discuss different subjects, and we can discuss this one.

How to react if my man likes a strange girl

If your boyfriend says in response to your dissatisfaction, “I just like pretty girls because I like to communicate,” or "She has left a comment under my photo, and I reciprocated it” – what could that mean? 

There are only a few answers:

  1. Actually, a man might like it out of politeness, but you might think your boyfriend likes the girl. And this girl can start visiting the man's page more often and would like to communicate. The bf, on the contrary, may not want to correspond with her. If a stranger begins to put a lot of likes and comments a lot, this will become a reason for jealousy, which can provoke quarrels. Remember, it all started because of the usual politeness.
  2. If the man leaves a comment in response, not because he likes the girl, but because he is polite and likes to reciprocate. A girl can have a very jealous boyfriend, which can cause your man to start having problems.
  3. You can say to him like this, “I want to look at you when a strange handsome guy starts to dash off and put likes to me."
  4. Try to answer him after his activity on the other girls’ pages like this, “When you like others, I find it unpleasant. Understand, it is like a slap in the face for me, because I may think that your interest to me has disappeared, or I’m not good enough for you. When you like other girls, they think you have a liking for them, and they'll start to assume she's better than me.”


Most importantly, do not throw tantrums, do not be afraid to answer a man. Psychologists cannot give any advice. Addressing psychologists with the issue of a man flirting with others, they can ask you a few questions for thought. They can also offer a special approach for self-study and practice.


  1. For example: When your man picks up his phone or opens his laptop, what he looks like, what he is wearing, what emotions he has. Do you like watching your man this moment?
  2. Think about the emotions you have when you see him. Which of the five emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust) is the strongest? Your relationship suits you, doesn’t it? What do you want to do while the man is being glued to his phone or computer? Think about what might happen when you do it. What makes you feel comfortable in this relationship? What are you afraid to lose and what would you like to get?
  3. What do you think of all of the above? Do you like the ideas?
  4. If you still have questions, then try to continue thinking. Perhaps you will not like the answers, do not reject them, it is better to write them down on the sheet of paper as one of the possible solutions of the problem. 

The approach proposed above is built on ordinary principles, but not for everyone. The girls ask for advice to control the man. If control is not the main thing, then the approach will help solve the problem in a simpler way. The main thing is to decide on a real goal.


We figured out what to do if your man likes and comments other girls. It can end sorrowfully if a guy doesn't know how to behave on social networks and communicate correctly with strange girls, and you are very jealous. 

If, on the contrary, you don't care who the guy likes, then everything will be good in your relationship. Do not forget that you need to be vigilant, because if the man sees you do not care that he is dashing of comments, he can start communicating with strangers, and then there'll be a treason. If you do not know how to stop following your husband on social networks, then go to the article at the link, where we have collected psychologists ‘advice.