Instagram anonymous story viewer

View likes, followers, comments, posts

Without being seen

Detailed statistics

Online without an account

Start typing the name of the account
you want to analyze

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Features Analyze your or someone else’s Instagram account without an app and authorization

Look how many parameters you are able to view! Here are the main
types of data that you can get access to even in private accounts:


Track who likes whom on Instagram. Get stats on someone’s likes: liked posts, most liked accounts, and who likes their posts most often.



Check out others’ comments. Even the deleted ones!



Want to see who someone recently followed on Instagram? Get the info in seconds!


Stories anonymously

Watch someone’s stories (even deleted ones) without them knowing. You can see them after 24 hours from posting. Download stories and save them on your device.


Secret fans

Want to know more about someone on Instagram? See the accounts they like, but don’t follow


Analyze your account

Monitor who likes your posts or visits your profile most often. And don’t forget to check who recently unfollowed you.


Why use DataJam?

Spy on anyone on Instagram without leaving a trace!

Your partner

Your partner

Would you like to know whose posts your partner likes?




Check his likes and find out if he cheats on you


Your wife

Your wife

What does your wife do while you are not at home?


Your crush

Your crush

Are you in love and would like to learn about the person as much as it is possible?


Your exes

Your exes

Who is your ex dating now? What stories do they post?


Your friend

Your friend

Do you and your friend like the same guy? Check it out!


Your kids

Your kids

Received friend requests? Want to know more about them?


Your own

Your account

Is there someone who has a crush on you? Or is it a stalker that monitors your account? Call them out


It’s time to find out what the people you follow are up to!
Instagram sign-up or login is not required. The service operation complies with ethical and legal standards. Data from open sources is compiled into clear reports.

Trial access to all features for free


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Start typing the name of the account
you want to analyze

✓ 14-day money-back guarantee


How does it work?

With the help of DataJam, you can see whose accounts and which photos the user has liked or commented on, who they have followed, unfollowed, and much more. So DataJam is the optimal solution to view all this data online anonymously even for free

How can I start viewing Instagram posts, stories and other data anonymously?

You open the application and add the target account that you want to monitor. The system first checks the parameters you can view and then you tap the button ‘Start monitoring’

Where can I see the collected data?

You can receive information about tracked stories, photos, comments, profile description and other public and private publications to one of your accounts

How long does it take to receive the data?

It depends on the amount of content and information on the profile page of your target account that you want to watch. Usually it takes from 30 minutes to several hours, and then you receive all the recent information

How can I add more Instagram accounts to view incognito?

The number of accounts whose content you can watch anonymously depends on the tariff. A full subscription allows you to monitor and watch stories, posts, likes, and many other things while remaining anonymous in up to six accounts. Don’t forget to check the access period of your subscription.

Will a target user learn that I’m watching their stories?

No, it is absolutely anonymous. People will never know that their accounts are being tracked.