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DataJam Features

Instagram spy service is free online spying on a person on Instagram without registration. Study the user's activity in the social network anonymously


The service will show whose posts the person you are interested in most often likes and who puts likes to him



Read the comments that left on the Instagram account you follow



You will get the lists of users, to which the account you are interested in is subscribed


Anonymous viewing of stories

All stories of the user will go to your personal account for completely anonymous viewing


Secret admirers

Check out who likes your profile but doesn't follow you. This is the best way to get to know your secret admirers


The analysis of your account

Monitor your own Instagram account. Find out who often puts likes on you, who subscribes and who comments on your posts


Whom do we recommend tracking?

Spying on another user's Instagram can be a must in some situations. Learn about all the secrets and attractions of any user

Your soulmate

Your soulmate

Spy on the Instagram likes of the person you love and on the people who put likes to him




Check your husband for cheating, look anonymously whom he is chatting with




Find out with the Instagram spy, who your wife is talking to


Your idol

Your idol

Get to know as much as you can about the person you like


Your ex

Your ex

Find out who your ex-love is dating and watch his or her stories anonymously




Do you suspect that your friend likes your boyfriend? An online Instagram spy will help you find it out for free




Check who your kids are talking to and what posts they like and comment on


Your acquaintances

Your acquaintances

Instagram spying on a person who asks to be your friend


Instagram spy for free, anonymous spying on an Instagram user
Anonymous viewing of stories, constant tracking of new subscriptions, subscribers, likes and comments

All functions of the service for the trial period for free


Spying on one Instagram user for free!

Start typing the name of the account
you want to analyze


How often does the update take place?

After the start of Instagram user tracking, the service will collect primary information from the tracked page.
Thereafter, you will receive updates about the activity of your target account every day. Important: do not forget to check and start the next data collection.

How long are stories kept?

The story is kept until you watch it and for then 24 hours more. The service will continue collecting the necessary data as soon as you click the “Update data” button

Do I need to sign in to your account?

Yes, there are many sections and functions in your personal account that you may need! We have implemented the automatic registration functionality, in which a personal account is created automatically on the service, and all the necessary fields for authorization are filled in as you go

What information can be found out with the help of an Instagram spy?

At the standard rate, you can add up to 3 tracking targets. You can also expand the list of goals for six accounts. To do this, you need to sign up

Does this service show your guests on Instagram?

Yes, you can find out who visits your page and how often he or she does it. Find out about those users who do not follow you in response