How to determine if someone is stalking you on Instagram


So, you want to know whether somebody is stalking you on Instagram. Instagram stalkers are usually those people who visit your profile but do not actually interact with your messages.


Moreover, stalkers probably do not follow you, which is why they are hard to detect.

It is important to know who your Insta stalkers are because you might not want some of them to spy on your profile. Therefore, this article will tell you how to know if someone is stalking you on Instagram so that you will not be kept in the dark. This can be a very helpful and effective solution for you to feel safe and confident. And, hopefully, after taking these steps you will not be wondering “who stalks me” anymore.

How to Know if Someone Is Stalking Your Instagram

To know if someone is Instagram stalking you, just post an Instagram story, wait a couple of hours and then check the list of users who watched your story. People at the top of this list are your stalkers and the most popular viewers.

As an alternative you can use an app for Instagram analytics. Checking the person who viewed your stories is the best way to find out people who stalk you on Instagram. You can also use the app for Instagram analytics if it is suitable for you.

As a rule, Instastalkers are people who view your profile on Instagram without clicking the “like” button and leaving comments under your publications, and do not subscribe to you. That is why if you want to know your stalkers on Instagram, you have to remember these several factors.

Keep on reading to figure out how the Instagram Story algorithm works and how to use an app for Instagram analytics to your advantage.

Check Out Who Watched Your Instagram Story

The first way is to check out who watched your story on Instagram.

In fact, stories from Instagram allow you to check people viewing your profile.

It is the best way to check those stalkers who are not following you.

Post a Story

First of all, you need to post anything in your story, it may be a photo or a video.

This way you can check people who are actively viewing or visiting your profile.

Check Out Who Viewed Your Story

Wait for a couple of hours after posting your story so that people can open it.

Then click on your story and look who watched it.

The purpose is to find out people who watched your story but are not your subscribers.

People who watched your story but are not subscribed to your profile are either “passersby” or stalkers.

“Passersby” are those people who came across your profile through other social media, page of their research or other person’s profile.

These people are not your stalkers because they, more likely, will visit your profile only one time.

Those who stalk your Instagram are the ones who are constantly coming back to your profile (more than just one time). Usually, they are also stalking your IG stories.

In order to find these people you will have to post Instagram stories oftenly.

If you are going to post just one story, you will not be able to recognize a random person from a stalker.

That is why it is highly recommended to post messages one time a day during the week, to recognize people who like Instagram stalking and are actively stalking you.

In What Order Viewers Are Shown in Instagram Stories?

To uncover the order of Instagram story viewings you have to understand the functioning of the algorithm.

Instagram wants to show the most suitable people who watched your stories.

Exactly the same way your stories are shown to the most suitable people in their timeline.

The order of viewers is determined by two factors.

How much time somebody spends on watching your stories and how often they watch them.

For example, right after you post a story on Instagram, the order of viewers is displayed chronologically.

It means that the people appearing at the top of your list are the last ones who visited your profile.

When there will be enough viewers of your stories, the algorithm will change the order.

The order of your viewers in the Instagram story is displayed chronologically. As soon as your story gains enough viewings, the order changes.

The algorithm usually starts acting after your story has been viewed by 50 people.

Other Ways to Tell if Someone Is Stalking You on Instagram

There is no way to know what is going on in the app other than showing who viewed your story on Instagram. Snapchat provides much more information about the things people do while Instagram does not.

So, if no one leaves comments or does not interact with you somehow, are you in the dark or not?

Using of the Third-party Apps to Identify Instagram Stalker

If you think and wonder “who is stalking me on Instagram”, there is one more way to find the answer.

There are many third-party apps, browser extensions and websites that promise you to show who is viewing your profile. Many of them are not working, at the same time the others are demanding access to your private information for nefarious purposes.

Although there may be some illegal resources, it is better for users to stay out of the dangers connected with the use of such services. Read reviews and examine information about developers before agreeing with some terms.

How to Fight Stalking on Instagram

You are already familiar with some ways of how to know if someone is stalking your Instagram and how to tell who stalks your social media, now we are going to let you know how to fight it.

Little can you do if you think that someone Instagram stalks you. As long as they do not threaten you and do not seriously disturb you, they are not doing anything illegal. This fact is the price of social medias. You are public and people can do what they want with the information you post on the Internet.

Changing of the Confidentiality Settings on Instagram

If your suspicions become bigger, you can change some of the confidentiality settings on Instagram, so that person could not watch you online.

  1. Run “Instagram” app.

  2. Click on your “profile icon” (settings) in order to open your profile’s page.

  3. Click on the “hamburger sign” (menu) at the top right section.

  4. Choose “Settings” in the menu, then choose “Confidentiality”.

  5. At the “Account confidentiality” section switch on “Private account”.

Private account is seen only for those who are subscribed to your profile. People wanting to subscribe to your page, will send a request that you can accept or decline. This option makes you less noticeable on Instagram allowing you to decide who can see your profile and publications.

Changing of the Instagram Activity Status

Other than changing confidentiality settings, you can also turn off your activity status in order to prevent monitoring your actions by a “stalker”.

  • Open “Settings”, then “Confidentiality” on Instagram.
  • Choose “Activity status” and turn off the option “Show activity status”.

All the above steps are keeping everybody from seeing what you do on Instagram but also allow you to see other people’s activity status. This is a two-way street.

Deleting Somebody from Your Instagram Subscribers

If you do not know who stalks your Instagram, you can delete them from the list of your followers.

  • Choose your “Profile” on Instagram.
  • Click “Followers” at the top.
  • Choose “Delete” next to the follower you want to delete.

If you made your Instagram profile private, then this person will see nothing you do in your account if they are not following you. They still can see your comments or likes under other people’s publications but will not see anything you post yourself.

Switching of Your Instagram Account to the Private

Private Instagram account decreases the engagement rate but also provides more security. You can try and make your account private for a month or two, and then make it public again. More likely, the person who stalked you becomes tired of this and will move on. And there will be no question like “who stalks me” and there will be no need to find out how to know who stalk you on Instagram.