How to become popular on Instagram for free - Secure your profile


Before you will start making your way to the top, think about security. Pay attention and if you put enough time and energy into it you will succeed. 


You must have time and energy for the next one. Read our recommendations.

Read our recommendations:

  • Think about a really complicated password. Use special characters and capital letters. Do not use words or phrases because they are much easier to hack then just random letters and characters. Change your password every month.

  • Turn on two factor authentication in settings.

  • Connect your Instagram profile to other networks, like Facebook.

  • It would be much better if you have at least one photo with you in your account. It is much easier to gain access back with id proof.

All of the above recommendation are not made to complicate your life. Your data is important and that should be protected. Information has a big value and that’s why hackers are more than happy to hack into user’s profiles.

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Switch to your business account

It sounds more complicated than it actually is, you just need to follow a few steps. If you want, you can come back to your regular account. But for promotion, we recommend using a business account.


How to switch to business account:


-Click on your profile icon with an avatar below.

-Now click on the menu icon at the top.

-Choose account settings and scroll down.

You will see the line where it clearly states to switch to a business account.

In this mode, you will have access to statistics that will help you understand which of your posts users like more.


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Design your profile


The content depends on what you are going to promote. If you are going to promote yourself, then your avatar should be the best version of yourself. Feel free to present yourself. Instagram is all about beautiful photos and videos. If that is an organization, then the logo will do it as long as it is not overloaded with details. The avatar is still small and in the comments section even smaller, so better stay away from the small details on your avatar.

In your profile describe what you do. If you have difficulties selecting the description, then think what your profile will be about. It should match your description. It is going to confuse users if there is one thing is written and you post completely different things. Write you first and your last name if that’s important for you that people will know your real name. You can also use alias. If you are promoting an organization, write its name.


Study your target audience

To become popular on Instagram from scratch, you need to understand among what kind of audience you want to become popular. The target audience (TA) is for any subject of promotion. If you are a blogger, then people on Instagram are divided into two conditional categories for you: one is interested in your content, the other is not. For example, you are promoting the topic of manicure. Your posts will be noticed by those who care about beauty. And vice versa.

The larger your TA, the more active people are in your profile. They improve your stats. As a result, your posts will be recommended to those who have not yet followed you. The more people from non-TA you have, the worse it is. Such followers do not like or comment on anything so statistics indicators deteriorate and recommendations fall.


Always think ahead


At the very beginning of your journey, prepare a few initial posts. People don't like to go to empty blogs. The bigger, the better. There should be at least 10-15 posts. Make your content plan for the month ahead. Get used to thinking strategically. If you have an insight to quickly post something “here and now”, post a story. They just fit as a situational content.


What your publications may look like:


Release your guides. For example, you know how to cook an exclusive dish. Share this with everyone else.


People get carried away every time they are shocked. Whether it causes joy or anger, they still cannot remain indifferent to what they see. The only condition is do not harm people and do not hurt their feelings.


Make selections of 5-10 of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, whatever you want to recommend to people. Followers love to know what their favorite bloggers read, what they watch, what they listen to.


Over time, when you fill your worth, people will start gathering around you who want to know more about you than you planned to reveal about yourself. Don't answer the first one, take some time to collect all the questions in a pile and answer the ones that are asked most often.


If you have something to tell that doesn't fit in 2200 characters, split it into multiple posts. In the first post, say that you will post the next part when there are enough likes. Do not set an impossible bar for your followers. And know how to hook your followers so that they want to see the continuation.


For the convenience of finding posts, you need to add hashtags. There can be up to 30 of them, but we recommend a maximum of 10 of the most necessary and useful.


Do not leave your posts without text. In addition, followers also need food for thought. Followers want to know your thoughts, what do you think about it.


How to maintain your profile to get more followers


Instagram always was more about a beautiful presentation than about meaning, although the meaning is definitely not least in this couple. 

Are there any recommendations on how to make the content more attractive? To make people sign up as easy as flies stick to duct tape? The answer is yes. Next, we will analyze what needs to be done for this.


How to present your content the right way


Tips for making your posts better:


Pay attention to the work of top bloggers, try to imitate and bring a bit of your own. Don't be afraid to learn from the best. Over time, you will stop imitating and will understand for yourself what you want to see in your posts.


Try to take pictures in a daylight, as image quality drops rapidly at night.


Do not combine daylight with artificial one. This mistake can completely ruin the picture. Only one of the two should be used.


Don't use a lot of filters. Maybe it worked once, but in 2022 the naturalness of the pictures is more appreciated.


Just like employees at work follow a dress code, your posts should also be in the same style. This way it will look more organic and better. People are more willing to see and like posts that they consider professionally done work.


The same style is good, but it shouldn't be one-sided. Diversify your posts so followers can't predict what you'll post next. For example, it is not necessary to release all posts in a strictly square shape. You can't put a good landscape in a square.


Your images should show people's faces often enough. Such photos collect up to forty percent more likes. Humans are social, and they're wired to pay attention to other people's faces because it's in our instincts. Take advantage of this gift of nature.


Use blue and yellow colors. They are regarded as the best in order to build a trusting relationship between the service and the client, between you and your followers. Popular social networks like Facebook and Linkedin have been in blue colors for many years. But it doesn't have to be limited to just that. Soft, light pastel colors like beige or ivory are quite popular on Instagram.


How to excite your audience


Making it beautiful is not enough. Do not do it corny, because it is very likely to be scrolled through. People are used to being constantly shown a beautiful life. You have to live up to that high standard, but still deliver your message in your own way to stand out.


Short simple videos are your best bet


The first thing most people look at when they go to Instagram is Stories. Do them on an ongoing basis. People are already accustomed to information that is presented quickly and in a concise manner. Stories immediately appear at the top when you open the application, that means they are always in sight.

Also go live. This is how you allow the public to get to know you better and get used to you. This format makes your followers more loyal to you.


Focus your attention


You will need the ability to draw the attention of the public to something specific. And one of the tools for this is anything that includes numbers. This is the cost of something, discounts, the timing of the competition, and so on. People pay attention to such specific information.

Text cannot convey emotions, so if you add emoji within a reason, it will be easier to understand emotions in this regard. 


Exchange followers

Agree on the exchange of followers with other bloggers. Tell about the channel of another person, so that in return other blogger will tell about you, also put hashtags. Choose bloggers with your target audience so as not to waste your time and energy.


Communicate with your audience


Communicate with your followers. You will increase loyalty and get new acquaintances that may be useful to you in the future. The skill of being social on Instagram is one of the key skills. You should have this by default in order to be successful in promotion of yourself.




Finally: the rule of three hours says that if during this time your post has not become popular, then this will never happen. Don't put all your soul into just one post.


You must have time and energy for the next one. Give each post or story as much attention as it makes sense. You might run out of energy earlier than you thought, so pay attention and if you put enough time and energy into it you will succeed.