Gathering an audience on Instagram - the best services in 2022


Gathering an audience on Instagram is done through parsers. These are services that collect accounts according to the specified parameters and upload the data in the required format. 


The results of parsing can be used to analyze the audience, mass followings, mailings and likes, setting up advertising campaigns. This allows you to interact with users who are interested in what you can offer and can become your customers.

Parsing services: how does it work

Determination of parameters of interest;

Selection of users by criteria;

Creating a database of nicknames;

Cleaning the received account list from fakes, bots, business accounts;

Uploading the result.

The process is automated and it takes place without your participation in the selection process and allows you to reduce the time to search for the target audience.


Parser features


    Parsing services has a wide range of capabilities. With their help, you will find users who are initially ready to buy your products or use your services. These are “warm” leads, the most loyal audience. In this article, we will talk about the main functionality of parsers. If you don’t know how to attract customers on Instagram, then follow the link to the article, where we have collected the best tips.


Data gathering

    Data collection is one of the main features and tasks of parsers. The criteria for selecting accounts vary, and we will now talk about them.

    Competitors: The parser allows you to collect competitors' subscribers. To do this, select the appropriate option and indicate the profiles that are popular in your niche. The number of profiles is not limited.

    Hashtags: Hashtags are another way to gather followers. Analyze and select popular tags that can bring customers to you. Specify them in the parser in a special window or upload a data file.

    Activity: The parser settings make it possible to select the audience that is most active in the specified accounts, that likes and comments, make reposts, and so on.

    Followers: The parser collects information about new account followers. You may determine the circle of people who are currently interested in the topic and are likely to make a purchase.

    Locations: Parsing services today are able to sample specific locations. If a user's post has a geotag, it will be included in the account database based on the selected parameter.

    Events: There are services with the option of integration with other social networks. They are able to collect VK data and compare it with information on Instagram. This will give you a list of accounts that are celebrating an event soon.

    Phrases: You can set keywords in the parser. Then the service will search for users who posted publications on the desired topic. Set a topic and get a list of accounts that are interested in it.

Data filter

    Filtering is used to improve the quality of the database. Each service has its own set of filters. Let's highlight the main ones:

Bots are inactive and blocked pages that cannot perform the actions we need;

Commercial accounts - profiles that are engaged in sales and are looking for customers themselves;

Closed profiles are excluded from the database;

Audience. You can exclude new accounts or overly popular profiles from the selection results;

Gender. Parsers offer the possibility of selecting profiles by gender;

Likes. There is a filtering function by the number of likes under the publication. The option makes it possible to exclude unnecessary profiles and reduce the budget when placing ads based on the received user base.

List upload

After collecting and filtering the database, you can download it to your PC in CSV format. After that, you can do mailings and promote your account.

Parser Instagram

Service — Avodata

Cost (per month) — 15$

Free period - no, but there is a trial parsing for 1$

Parser: how and what for

We will analyze the collection of the audience on Instagram using the example of the Instaparser service.

Service features

    Selection of accounts according to specified criteria: hashtags, keywords, geolocation, competitors.

Collection of contact information, descriptions, links from the header

Settings. Set criteria for collecting information. So, if you collect information on competitors, enter logins in the search field. After that, start the service using the “Start collection” button.

Data collection. Selecting accounts takes time, so be patient. To avoid blocking by the Instagram administration, use additional accounts for parsing that you don’t mind losing.

Filters. After the parser has collected the data, you can mark the desired criteria and start the filtering process. The service will offer to save the list of accounts before applying filters on the PC or in or in Google spreadsheets.

Uploading results. Download the filtered data collection results to your computer or open the file in Google Sheets.

Working with data. The service provides user data, including login, ID, profile link, contact information in the form of a table.


    Today there are a huge number of parsers, among which it is difficult to choose the one that suits you in all your needs. When looking for a suitable parser, use our tips:

Use services that are not overloaded with features. Pay only for the options you need;

Don't trust all the reviews. Remember that there are paid reviews in which information is presented in a light that is favorable for the parser:

Try different services, use free trial periods to find the parser that meets the requirements.